Quality Policy

INWARD GOODS: Quality control procudure begins at goods purchase level. It-will be made sure that any raw material used is as per our quality requirement. Test certificate of raw material supplier will be checked and every consignment will be tested for confirmation. Physical inspection of raw material will be done before taking use for assurance of it’s free from weather and transportation effects.
2. PRODUCTION CONTROL: Production incharge will keep sure about proper production and quality and inform quality control incharge in case of any variation.
3. TESTING PROCEDURE: All the testings of raw material and finished goods will be conducted as per testing requirements confirming to related standards and specification. Testing records will be properly maintained.
4. PACKAGING: Pthduction4onfrollèr will give responsibility to a suitable person for packing of every product and storage at a safe and sufficient place.
5. CHOICE OF VENDOR: The purchase manager will consult director Q.A.before ordering for purchase of any raw material and confirm for quality requirement as per specifications.
6. CALIBRATION SYSTEM: Lab incharge will continuously check for calibration status of every test equipment and arrange for calibration before due date and keep a record for calibration.
7. NON-CONFIRMED MATERIAL: If due to any manufacturing defect or any other reason any material don’t confirm to required standard it will be recorded and stored separately and will be scraped or disposed off in a suitable manner.
8. QUALITY AUDITS: There will be continuous internal quality audits by (Director Q.A.), He will check all the testing records and testing work and produres to his satisfaction and instruct the assistant staff for more strict quality control. In case Of any negligence of staff he will take suitable action.

To Manufacture & Supply the HDPE, LLDPE, PVC/ PPR/MDPE PIPE, CONDUIT PIPE & HDPE SPRINKLER SYSTEM, of right quality, Leading to utmost customer satisfaction through effective control over inputs process & strict inspection & test of final goods.

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